Stuff to Learn

It is easy to get drowned in the sea of knowledge. I, many times, have tried to learn new stuff but then got demotivated pretty fast. The main reason was probably I didn’t appreciate how those things would affect my life. However, I realized I was becoming old and it was not a good idea to waste time anymore. I will start my first significant job soon, and after that, the career path will become more difficult if I’m ill-prepared. Hence, I decided I need to change and really “force” myself (well, forcing is not a good method, but I can’t find another word) to expand my expertises.

Here are several things that I have always been eager to learn:

  1. Learn more coding: Python is top of the list. I also want to explore Julia because of its use in high computing, Go because the mascot is cute, JavaScript (and some web programming) because I want to tweak my website sometimes, and SQL because of data science. Few websites that may be helpful for self-learning: College Compendium, Teach Yourself Computer Science (somebody was kind enough to put every video lectures into a single Google folder) and Open Source Society University.
  2. Learn new languages: I watched Cirque du soleil once in Vegas and was annoyed that I couldn’t understand what they were speaking in French (you don’t need to understand those parts to enjoy the show though). I decided that I needed to learn French (or at least being able to read and hear). There is also a good chance that my future colleagues will be French, so it is a smart idea to be able to communicate with them in their language. Japanese is something I want learn as well (took one course in college).
  3. I found this e-book Physically Based Rendering: From Theory To Implementation by chance and wanted to learn more about it at first sight. I always wonder how to simulate physics laws, how to represent real-world interactions in computers. Of course, my knowledge about this at the moment is null, so this is just going to be a side-project for me to kill some free time. I may need to learn C++ in the process though.
  4. Learn machine learning, blockchain, data science, etc., basically anything that will affect the future. Of course, the goal is not be an expert but to feel literate.

Arghhhh, so many things to learn, and time is limited… but it is going to be fine.