Here are several useful tools and tips that I have been using for work to improve productivity or something that is just interesting and necessary to know. Click on each to go to the associated blog post where I can write more.

Mendeley - BibTeX management software
Mathtype - Math formula generator with $\LaTeX$ support
Visual Studio Code

(the links are in no order; just for my own convenience to retrieve later)

Blogs/Personal Websites

Adit Deshpande (a great resource for AI tutorials)
J├╝rgen Schmidhuber (a figure in AI) Massimiliano Gubinelli (professor in probability at Bonn)

Academic Websites

A Gallery of Interesting Jupyter Notebooks
Self-Study Machine Learning

Probability Websites

arXiv Probability Preprints
Probability Events
Probability Advice
IPAM conference in Rough Paths
NUS Probablity Lecture Notes
Ivan Corwin’s Talks
PIMS-CRM Probablity Summer School 2017
Terry Lyons Interview at CIRM


Micro-Progress and the Magic of Just Getting Started
Where did the quote come from?