My advisors are Alexei Novikov. My interests cover several topics in partial differential equations and probability, including stochastic processes, random matrices, KPZ equations, etc.

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Research diary


These include conference notes, research notes, or any significant notes that I want to write down to better understand the materials. Every note will have a respective blog post; I will sometimes $\LaTeX$ the notes for convenience. Mistakes are unavoidable, but I will write anyway.

Topic (Blog Post) PDF (if available)
Schramm–Loewner Evolution Download
KPZ Equation and Related Topics Download
IPAM 2018 (Random Matrices) - Conference Notes Download
Free Probability Download
Stochastic Analysis Download
Malliavin-Stein approach - Ivan Nourdin Download

Random Notes

(these are shorter notes on less specific topics, sometimes a quick proof, sometimes outside of my main research line or even in other subjects)

≡ Mathematics Categories (borrowed from arXiv)
math.AG - Algebraic Geometry
Algebraic varieties, stacks, sheaves, schemes, moduli spaces, complex geometry, quantum cohomology
math.AT - Algebraic Topology
Homotopy theory, homological algebra, algebraic treatments of manifolds
math.AP - Analysis of PDEs
Existence and uniqueness, boundary conditions, linear and non-linear operators, stability, soliton theory, integrable PDE's, conservation laws, qualitative dynamics
math.CT - Category Theory
Enriched categories, topoi, abelian categories, monoidal categories, homological algebra
math.CA - Classical Analysis and ODEs
Special functions, orthogonal polynomials, harmonic analysis, ODE's, differential relations, calculus of variations, approximations, expansions, asymptotics
math.CO - Combinatorics
Discrete mathematics, graph theory, enumeration, combinatorial optimization, Ramsey theory, combinatorial game theory
math.AC - Commutative Algebra
Commutative rings, modules, ideals, homological algebra, computational aspects, invariant theory, connections to algebraic geometry and combinatorics
math.CV - Complex Variables
Holomorphic functions, automorphic group actions and forms, pseudoconvexity, complex geometry, analytic spaces, analytic sheaves
math.DG - Differential Geometry
Complex, contact, Riemannian, pseudo-Riemannian and Finsler geometry, relativity, gauge theory, global analysis
math.DS - Dynamical Systems
Dynamics of differential equations and flows, mechanics, classical few-body problems, iterations, complex dynamics, delayed differential equations
math.FA - Functional Analysis
Banach spaces, function spaces, real functions, integral transforms, theory of distributions, measure theory
math.GM - General Mathematics
Mathematical material of general interest, topics not covered elsewhere
math.GN - General Topology
Continuum theory, point-set topology, spaces with algebraic structure, foundations, dimension theory, local and global properties
math.GT - Geometric Topology
Manifolds, orbifolds, polyhedra, cell complexes, foliations, geometric structures
math.GR - Group Theory
Finite groups, topological groups, representation theory, cohomology, classification and structure
math.HO - History and Overview
Biographies, philosophy of mathematics, mathematics education, recreational mathematics, communication of mathematics
math.IT - Information Theory
Covers theoretical and experimental aspects of information theory and coding.
math.KT - K-Theory and Homology
Algebraic and topological K-theory, relations with topology, commutative algebra, and operator algebras
math.LO - Logic
Logic, set theory, point-set topology, formal mathematics
math.MP - Mathematical Physics
Mathematical methods in quantum field theory, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, condensed matter, nuclear and atomic physics
math.MG - Metric Geometry
Euclidean, hyperbolic, discrete, convex, coarse geometry, comparisons in Riemannian geometry, symmetric spaces
math.NT - Number Theory
Prime numbers, diophantine equations, analytic number theory, algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry, Galois theory
math.NA - Numerical Analysis
Numerical algorithms for problems in analysis and algebra, scientific computation
math.OA - Operator Algebras
Algebras of operators on Hilbert space, C^*-algebras, von Neumann algebras, non-commutative geometry
math.OC - Optimization and Control
Operations research, linear programming, control theory, systems theory, optimal control, game theory
math.PR - Probability
Theory and applications of probability and stochastic processes: e.g. central limit theorems, large deviations, stochastic differential equations, models from statistical mechanics, queuing theory
math.QA - Quantum Algebra
Quantum groups, skein theories, operadic and diagrammatic algebra, quantum field theory
math.RT - Representation Theory
Linear representations of algebras and groups, Lie theory, associative algebras, multilinear algebra
math.RA - Rings and Algebras
Non-commutative rings and algebras, non-associative algebras, universal algebra and lattice theory, linear algebra, semigroups
math.SP - Spectral Theory
Schrodinger operators, operators on manifolds, general differential operators, numerical studies, integral operators, discrete models, resonances, non-self-adjoint operators, random operators/matrices
math.ST - Statistics Theory
Applied, computational and theoretical statistics: e.g. statistical inference, regression, time series, multivariate analysis, data analysis, Markov chain Monte Carlo, design of experiments, case studies
math.SG - Symplectic Geometry
Hamiltonian systems, symplectic flows, classical integrable systems

Topic (Blog Post) Category PDF (if available)
A seemingly innocent conjecture math.CO, math.PR Download
Random Media Summer School at Colorado State math.AP, math.PR Download
Gaussian Correlation Inequality math.PR Download