How to navigate my website?

The website is written in the framework of a blog. Except for the main pages, every post will be included in the Posts page. Every main page has its own responsibility:

Page Responsibility
PERSONAL Maintains the list of personal and expository blog posts.
POSTS The list of all blog posts.
RESEARCH Contains materials related to my research activities.
TEACHING Contains teaching materials, teaching tips, course notes.
RESOURCES Tutorials/tips/tricks on different topics (both in academia and non-academia). Maintains links to other useful websites.
OPPORTUNITIES Maintains my travel agenda and the list of other academic events.
CONTACT How to get to me.

Each post has the comment section powered by Disqus. Unfortunately, Disqus no longer provides support for Mathjax so $\LaTeX$ cannot be used in comments.

There is the Tag section on the the front page of the website.

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