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The Joy of Reunion

Seeing families, spouses, friends hug, cry, kiss at the airport made me just want to write these words.

When we grow older, we have the desire to live alone. Everyone wants to have an independent life at some point. Everyone wants freedom. We move out of our parents' basement (that's the stereotype) and we enter the world of "only-me-in-this-world" and "I-can-do-whatever-I-want". For some of us, we have our own dream to keep pushing ourselves to do what we love. For others, it's just another day.

And then at those intersections of space and time in this long life, we reunite with the people we tried to distance from. Then we cry and wish to come back to those moments in the past. And then we tell our stories, our adventures, what we have done recently. And then we just listen to each other. Then we may cry again.

Nowhere is like home. Even when you want to be alone.

It was at Denver Airport by the way.

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