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The Benefits of Writing Whatever

I have been wanting to write a lot of things for a long time, but there was no success whatsoever, partly because I was interrupted by my work at school, or simply because of laziness.

This website was created as I needed some place to showcase my academic achievments during my time in grad school at Penn State. Luckily, it has a well-designed blog framework, so I now have opportunities to write down my thoughts in a more convenient way.

The title says the whole thing: just write! No matter how bad, unpolished, poor-organized, unpublishable you think your writing is, just find a place to jot down and publish it. That will be the philosophy I will impose on this website in general. The idea is you need to start writing at the most unreadable draft before you can produce a masterpiece. What I have realized over the years is that you do your best work when you think nobody will ever see it. Actually, you will never know some where in the world that someone will indeed enjoy your words, and that will make them feel better too.

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