Just want to write stuff. Something about me. Categories. Resources.


A list of useful links, in no particular order.

Blogs/Personal Websites #

Adit Deshpande
Jürgen Schmidhuber
Nicolas Perkowski
Joscha Diehl
Samy Tindel
Fabrice Baudoin
Davar Khoshnevisan
Massimiliano Gubinelli
Ivan Nourdin
Lorenzo Zambotti
Chris Rackauckas
Djalil Chafaï
Learn Anything
Mathematics Seminars Online
Azimuth - John Baez’s Blog

Machine Learning Websites #

Important Papers in Deep Learning
Data Visualization with Python
Altair: Declarative Visualization in Python
Sebastian Ruder
ML Tutorials
Caltech CS 156
Chris Albon’s Techniques in Data Science
Geographic Data Science at Univ of Liverpool
Data Analysis in Python
Data Analytics at Wish
Data Science at Aalto
Off the convex path Blog
Deep Bayes Summer School at HSE
AirGesture - Playing without Touching
Harvard CS109 Data Science 1

Coding Websites #

10 Coding Challenge Websites
Youtube - Python for Finance
Financial Modelling - ECON 136 Harvey Mudd College
UVA Online Judge

Algorithmic Trading #

Python for Finance: Algorithmic Trading
JP Morgan Virtual Experience

Trading #

Kelly’s criterion and the stock market

Academic Websites #

NSF Math Grants
A Gallery of Interesting Jupyter Notebooks
Self-Study Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Papers with Code

Probability Websites #

arXiv Probability Preprints
Probability Events
Probability Advice
IPAM conference in Rough Paths
NUS Probablity Lecture Notes
Ivan Corwin’s Talks
PIMS-CRM Probablity Summer School 2017
Terry Lyons Interview at CIRM
MIT Finance Course

Miscellaneous #

Micro-Progress and the Magic of Just Getting Started
Where did the quote come from?
Way to Mathematical Writing
Linear Thinking in a Nonlinear World
The Long Game Part 2: the missing chapter
WTF Visualizations
Junk Charts

Vietnamese Websites #

Làm thế nào để luôn cập nhật kiến thức trong lĩnh vực Machine Learning?
Tài liệu machine learning

Coding Preparation #

Summer of Code
Machine Learning Mastery
US Government Public Dataset
25 Open Source ML repos
ML Projects for Beginners
Quora Interesting ML Projects for Beginners
CognitiveClass.ai and MLCB post
Edwin Chen
Keras and CNN to detect Pokemon
spaCy Course
python algorithms

Interesting Math #

Concentration Inequalities for Product of Random Matrices

Collaboration tools #

Shift - Manage multiple accounts
Airtable - Organized spreadsheet

Unusual vocabulary #

Schadenfreude: the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. (source)